Code & Innovation

We're entrepreneurs that build our own startups,
and startups for select clients.

Our Team

We specialize in PHP with Laravel, our database of choice is MySQL, and we build mobile apps using the Ionic framework. Aside from code, we're big fans of competitive sports, coaching, music, gaming, self education, and putting family first.

Ryan Paiva

Web Developer

Chris Gaines

Web and Mobile Developer

Hala Paiva

QuickBooks Guru

Ray Vandenberg

Web Developer Doesn't skip leg day

Our Process

Our clients choose to work with us because they want to create a profitable website or mobile application. We apply the experience we gain through creating our own startups on your project. We apply lean startup principles in our development plans and execution, saving our clients time, cash, and calendar capital.

Tell us what you want to create

The first step is for us to learn a little about what you want to create so that we can provide you with a ballpark estimate. This is a very broad estimate based on a short paragraph that you send us via email, or briefly discussed over a quick phone call. Click here to send us a message.

We plan your MVP

If the ballpark estimate is within your budget, we'll spend a few hours planning out your minimum viable product. We'll send you a quick project outline that lists the features you need, and postpones the ones you don't need right away for a future update. This keeps your costs down and development light. Based on the project outline, we can provide you with a good faith estimate, which is a minimum and maximum range that we believe it will cost to build.

Build version 1.0

Next, we build the version 1.0 of your website with efficiency and love. Everything we build is completed in accordance with web standards, is mobile responsive, and follows the best practices of the languages and frameworks utilized.


We believe in the iterative process. Once you launch the 1.0 version of your website or mobile app, you'll receive feedback from your customers. Based on that feedback, we'll help you plan future updates to grow your product and continue to improve and innovate.


We split our time about 50/50 between working on our own projects and contract work for clients.
Here's a few recent examples of each.

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Contact Us

Please tell us about your next project and we will let you know what we can do to help you.